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Celia Moise, Owner of Vila Americana Timisoara

'As the owner of the hotel, I would be honored to have you as my guest. Together with my team at Vila Americana, I guarantee a special and wonderful time during your stay here'.

Celia Moise, Owner

Inspired by the grand architecture of American villas, Mrs. Gil Johana builds the hotel in 1987. Starting as a resort for people seeking a refined getaway, Vila Americana**** soon becomes what it was always meant to be: a fine four-star hotel for officials, business class and everyone who appreciates elagance, good taste and high class services.

Spring Special Promotion

The entire villa is for RENT for companies, diplomats and V.I.P.s!



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bathroom from Vila Americana Timisoara
Living salloon from Vila Americana Timisoara Luxury Apartament

High class facilities and services.

Interiors, park and villa exterior.

Testimonials from official guests.

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